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Amanda Blesing FARPI holds one of the top 1% LinkedIn viewed profiles globally. Here at IABC NSW we were delighted to host Amanda for two exclusive events; how to amplify executive brands via LinkedIn and 7 critical elements of subtly powerful self-promotion.

Our board members Patrick Armstrong and Megan Thomas share their key insights.  

LinkedIn offers amazing opportunities to build and amplify our brands, but most of us are barely scraping the tip of the iceberg. In fact, if you’re not turning up on page 1 or 2 of the search results for the key words of your choice, you may as well be invisible.

As strategic communication professionals, it’s more important than ever in this COVID-19 world that we position ourselves correctly on LinkedIn and contribute to the conversations about our challenges, our business, the community, society and what’s happening in our profession.

How do you know you’ve been at an event with impact? 

The next day you take action on what you’ve learned!

This was certainly my experience after attending Amanda’s session. The next day, I pursued one of her key insights on building recommendations on LinkedIn from colleagues and associates. This is not something I’d considered before, but now really see the value thanks to Amanda’s insights.

The workshop also prompted me to review my LinkedIn profile for tone of voice and ask myself: 

  • What do I want be known for in LinkedIn searches?
  • Does my profile reflect this?
  • Is it written in my own tone of voice and present as authentic? 

Hosted as an online event by IABC NSW, the session was both engaging and interactive with practical tips on building your LinkedIn profile and presence. Amanda rightly points out that LinkedIn is more than an online CV. It presents opportunities for us to position ourselves as thought leaders and influencers, extending our engagement with the platform beyond passive reading, occasional ‘likes’ or seeking employment opportunities. 

One thing that really resonated was around ‘consistency trumps frequency’. By this Amanda suggests that in order to use LinkedIn most effectively to build your brand, you need a regular and ongoing narrative. To help us on this journey, Amanda encourages having LinkedIn strategies around building connection, posting, publishing, commenting and creating visibility. This is outlined in her 12 Point LinkedIn Game Plan. I for one, will be following her advice.

This interactive workshop was invaluable and with 40 other communications professionals across the APAC region tuned in, I think we will see those attendees ‘halving their effort but doubling their impact’.

7 Vital Components of Subtly Powerful Self Promotion

Self-promotion can be tough for executive women, and research tells us we are not as good at it as men. Thoughtful self-promotion is crucial to being recognised and getting ahead in your career. The good news is there are tools to help you do it effectively.

IABC NSW runs exclusive ‘invite only’ sessions for a small group of members, in recognition of their contribution or loyalty as members. Following on from the public session with Amanda on amplifying brand, we were very fortunate to have Amanda Blesing, founder of the Ambition Revolution, host a very engaging online session with 12 executive women; strategic communicators and leaders in their field. She peppered the session with loads of wise, motivating words like:

“Back yourself, sell yourself and express your expertise.”

Amanda talked about how women, in particular, are reluctant self-promoters and tend to downplay their achievements. “Give a busy woman something to do and she gets it done”, is an old but true adage.  Those of us in communication roles often spend our careers making other people look good but shy away from the limelight when it comes to ourselves.

But why is that, and what exactly can we do about it? We discussed how we like to be seen as humble, as good team players, or we worry about being a tall poppy.  Many of us have experienced the dreaded “Imposter Syndrome.”  “Imposter Syndrome is more likely to strike if you are tired or stressed so make sure you are regularly managing your self-care,” she urged us.

Aha moments were had when we identified work styles that may be getting in our way. For example the “workhorse” who quietly gets everything done but whose impact may be invisible when it counts, or the “player” who always has something intelligent to say and is a great networker but can be seen to lack real substance or follow through. Or the “fixer” who is really good at solving complex business problems but they get rewarded by doing more of the same, and never getting promoted. These entrenched styles and limiting beliefs could be holding us back.

Amanda’s ‘7 components’ are all invaluable tips for strategic, proactive and future focussed self-promotion. I will be doing my best to put more of these in place!  

  1. Have a growth mindset
  2. Manage your beliefs and biases
  3. Have a career strategy 
  4. Have a clearly defined leadership brand 
  5. Visibility strategy/networking plan
  6. Regularly assess and share your achievements
  7. Manage your stress  

Amanda’s new book, Invisible to Invincible is a great read for anyone wanting to explore these tools in more detail.

Thank you to Amanda for her time and continued support for IABC across the region and for all our members and wider community for participating in these two events.

At the start of the year the #iabcnsw board passed a motion that instead of speaker gifts we’d donate this gift to charity.

This donation is made on behalf of the speakers to the charity of their choosing. We’re still 100% committed to this.

Amanda nominated her speaker gift to Vinnies Australia ‘Vinnies CEO Sleepout’ a one night event (this year transforming into an interactive online event) that helps the St Vincent de Paul Society support Australians all year long. Vinnies advocacy, education, counselling and housing programs are designed to tackle the root causes of inequality

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