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IABC NSW Guest speaker: Dr Neryl East

When presenting on camera, it’s all about finding a yin/yang balance between credibility and relatability, Dr Neryl East told attendees at a recent IABC NSW professional development event.

Recognising that the basis for communication is trust, she said “on screen, it’s even more critical to build trust with your audience”.

“We’re often the spotlight shiners, making other people look good, but now we need to step into the spotlight ourselves.”

If you’re coaching leaders for screen presentations, help build trust by balancing the characteristics of ‘cats’ (aloof, calm) and ‘dogs’ (likeable, animated) to build credibility and connection with the audience, and check out Dr East’s top tips.

Just like a tennis pro, preparation and warming up beforehand are also the key to success.

Top tips for presenters

Structure – always prepare, rather than ad lib and practise using autocue to make delivery more professional.

Appearance – gauge the dress code with your audience and go ‘one step higher’. Avoid patterns/bright white/chunky jewellery. Experiment with/without glasses.

Breathe – diaphragmatic breathing to avoid running out of air mid-sentence or sounding too high (write “breathe” on speaker notes).

Eyes – keep them at camera-level and visualise people’s faces in your audience.. Practise to make your resting face a positive one and smile – if appropriate.

Voice – breathing will give you more energy and help you avoid inflection. Stand when presenting to help breathing correctly. Avoid the ‘corporate monotone’.

Movement – stand still to embody confidence with feet planted and only move the upper body. Hand gestures should be on-camera.

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