Mhari MacGregor: What does IABC Global mean to me? Communications / Member post / Storytelling

Mhari MacGregor, IABC NSW Board Director and Secretary, reflects on her IABC journey from Canada to Australia.

My first job out of university was working for a small Oil & Gas finance firm. I had recently graduated with a degree in Communication from my hometown in Vancouver, Canada and was given the opportunity to move an hour-and-a-half- flight away to the prairie town of Calgary. A year into the role, I began to realise that I was working in an industry that I was rapidly becoming disenchanted with.

I was sitting at an investor’s dinner, after one of our yearly conferences, and I started chatting with our Head of Marketing. I expressed to her my interest in communications and how I had recently completed my degree. I still clearly remember her looking at me and saying: “Have you heard of the IABC?”

Fast forward to the present, I have been a part of several chapters in Canada and am now part of the NSW chapter here in Sydney.  I see value in this association and find myself spreading the word as to how essential IABC has been to me both personally and professionally; it’s the reason I continue to renew my membership year after year.

My Tribe

Oftentimes being a communications professional can be an isolating experience – one where you are expected to know, and do it all, often with a small or non-existent team. IABC is often described by my fellow board members as their “tribe.” This couldn’t be closer to the truth; the professional and personal relationships I have cultivated over the past four years have been invaluable. Being around like-minded individuals has allowed for me to solidify what I know instinctively and has given me the confidence to progress in my career – I am far from alone.

The Global Element

From my home city in Vancouver to my few short years living in Calgary and now across the world to Sydney, it amazes me that as an IABC member I am embraced with open arms into a completely new circle of communicators. It’s IABC’s strong global element which has allowed or me to move seamlessly from city to city, from chapter to chapter, and feel like I am a part of a larger team of professionals, all with the same goals and challenges.

A few of my fellow board members have had the opportunity to attend IABC World Conference, an annual assembly with over 1,200 communications professionals from around the world. Anyone who has ever attended the World Conference can attest to the fact that there is no better place on earth to gain global insight into business communications.

Having an industry body that keeps you at the forefront of the communications industry from a global perspective is invaluable. IABC has connected my fellow board and myself with people from around the world, and I for one can no longer imagine moving anywhere without the IABC support network.

We have just started out the year and already have some amazing global events coming up. This includes dates locked in for both FUSION and IABC World Conference. Find our more on both events here:

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