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Why gamification is less about points and badges, and more about psychology

Gamification has become another buzzword of late, but what is it exactly? And are companies effectively harnessing it in the workplace? In a recent conversation with gamification expert Yu-Kai Chou, he shares that there are still a lot of misconceptions about the field, and because of this, companies are either still skeptical about gamification’s business benefits, or they aren’t using it effectively.

Why employee engagement is more than just a program

The value of employee engagement may be clear, but what many companies still have trouble with is weaving engagement into the organization’s strategy. This, according to Priya Bates, ABC, MC, is key to ensuring engagement doesn’t become a one-off program that is quickly forgotten.

How to attract a huge following on social media: Tips from Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki shares his top tips for cultivating a large, engaged following on social media. His No. 1 tip? Post more frequently

Rethinking our ideas of structure, power and planning

CW Executive Editor Natasha Nicholson talks with Aaron Dignan, founding partner of the New York-based digital strategy firm Undercurrent, about the structure and values organisations need to embrace in order to be successful today.

Author of the book Game Frame: Using Games as a Strategy for Success, Dignan translates disruptive innovations at the fringe of the digital space into meaningful lessons for the mainstream.

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