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COVID-19 has redefined the essential communication skill set for leaders. No longer is it enough to communicate with credibility and influence in a live meeting or presentation – you must be equally comfortable conveying your message through a camera lens.

Whether it’s a live-streamed announcement, Zoom interaction or pre-recorded piece, leaders need the ability to connect with their diverse audiences in a way that builds trust.

As strategic communication advisers, we need to model the on-screen characteristics we’re seeking to instil in our executives.

This online session will provide deep insights and practical tips to help you communicate at your best in any on-screen environment.

Not only will you learn how to better connect with your audience through the camera, you’ll have a suite of tools to help your senior leaders deliver with confidence on screen.

You’ll take away:

  • The on-screen principles that convey credibility
  • A toolkit for delivering an outstanding virtual presentation
  • How to build rapport when your audience isn’t in the room

Dr Neryl East

Neryl is a communication and credibility expert who shows current and future leaders how to be heard, stand out and command influence.

As a former TV and radio journalist and with an extensive track record delivering high-quality online content, Neryl has years of experience presenting in virtual environments.

Through her programs and executive coaching services, she has enabled senior leaders in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to step confidently into the virtual spotlight.

Neryl has a PhD in Journalism, is a Certified Speaking Professional and the author of five books including an Amazon best-seller on media and reputation.

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