Event: Future Proof Your Career Business / Change / Communications / News / Reputation management / Storytelling

Never before have we had so many tools and technology options to create compelling communication to reach our stakeholders, data to analyse our messaging, or been as valued by senior leaders to provide strategic counsel that will drive real business change.

However, as we look to future, communicators face the same workplace challenges being experienced by most industries in our rapidly changing world. Where does this position business communicators? What capabilities are required to be a leading business communicator in the future?

Join IABC NSW on 26 July, at Deloitte Australia to hear the views of three experts as they discuss the skills, knowledge, competencies and capabilities needed to future-proof your careers in this rapidly changing landscape:

  • Jim Macnamara, UTS Distinguished Professor
  • Lucy Newcomb from Salt & Shein
  • Claire Madden, Social Researcher and Demographer

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