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By Marisa Bishop

In November of 2018 I was introduced to the IABC and very quickly decided to become a member. It was an easy choice after my first event, where I was invited to meet with other members over drinks in Barangaroo. I was warmly welcomed into the community they had established at the NSW chapter, and after a fantastic night of conversation I decided I wanted to become a part of this community.

Over the last few months this decision has become one of the best that I have ever made. Outside of the community the NSW chapter has fostered, the resources that have been made available to me as a member have been extremely valuable. I’m now able to access years of knowledge in the form of articles, podcasts, books and webinars. And better yet are the specially curated events bringing together experts from across the communications profession to give their insights. As a student, having access to these curated resources has been amazing.

My membership with the IABC has notably benefited my understanding of communications. The IABC is dedicated to showcasing a variety of perspectives on, and approaches to, the communications profession. This emphasis on diversity of thought has given me many opportunities for personal development and helped me refine my career goals. And as I have grown through my IABC membership I have discovered that the association has many more things to offer that I have yet to take advantage of. With new content being added regularly the association has proven itself to be a dynamic and expanding community which I look forward to discovering in more depth as I continue my membership

So if you have been considering a membership with the IABC I’d highly encourage you to join during this members month. The IABC provides valuable resources and a fantastic community that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Happy #IABCMembersMonth and hopefully I’ll see you at our next event!Save 10% on your membership when you join the IABC during the month of March. For more information see our membership benefits and pricing head to the IABC website.