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A Q&A interview with Lucy Newcomb – Director Salt & Shein

Lucy is one of Australia’s most well-regarded and influential executive recruiters and talent advisers in the corporate affairs, communication, government relations and investor relations space. Lucy has a reputation for always finding the right person for the right role and is a respected strategic business partner to her clients. We sat down with Lucy to discuss the current comms environment, how roles are shaping up,…

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Rest, reflect, reset

I recently finished a great book by Dr Adam Fraser called The Third Space, in it he details how to use life’s little transitions to find balance; a chance to reflect, rest and reset between the first space (what you’ve doing right now) and the second space (what you’re about to do). The third space is the gap in the middle. Halfway through our tenure…

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Keys to Captivating Your Audience When You Communicate on Screen

IABC NSW Guest speaker: Dr Neryl East When presenting on camera, it’s all about finding a yin/yang balance between credibility and relatability, Dr Neryl East told attendees at a recent IABC NSW professional development event. Recognising that the basis for communication is trust, she said “on screen, it’s even more critical to build trust with your audience”. “We’re often the spotlight shiners, making other people…

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Join us for our July event – the missing half of communication

IABC NSW is thrilled to announce that Oscar Trimboli will be sharing his Deep Listening insights with our members and guests on Thursday 23 July at 6pm.

In this workshop you will learn about the art and science of listening

  • The most common barriers to listening in the workplace
  • The neuroscience of Listening
  • The Four Villains of Listening
  • How to listen for what is UNSAID

According to Oscar’s research of 1,410 people, 86% of people think they are above average listeners. We all think we are above average listeners, yet you have no way of assessing how good a listener you are.

Take the time to invest in your listening capability.  Register for the event here.