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The Social Enterprise Journey – IABC World Conference 2016

Social enterprises don’t just happen. To go on this journey, you need a desire to improve, collaborate and innovate PLUS senior leadership and organisational champions who will play a key role in building employee engagement.

At the recent World Conference, Mark Woodrow, Vice President, Customer Success at Maestrano and Andrew Cooper, Westpac communicator, combined to share their experiences in the theory and practical elements of achieving a successful social enterprise.

Their presentation focused on using a number of large organisations as case studies to explore different enterprise social network journeys as a way to better communicate, collaborate and innovate.

In this IABC NSW presentation session you will:
• Gain practical lessons from a number of social enterprise platforms.
• Learn that business outcomes and value don’t just happen with a launch of a new enterprise social network, but are derived over a long-term plan to build better collaboration.
• Learn that mobility, responsiveness and trust are keys to employee engagement.

The session will be held at Deloitte Australia and will run for an hour (including Q&A). A light breakfast will be served before the event, so you can network and connect with other IABC members and attendees.

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