Upcoming events

Our commitment to members and the community is to deliver a dynamic program of events. Our promise to members is that we will include exclusive member only events and each event will be heavily discounted against non-member rates.

Events plan for 2018

Please find our events plan for 2018 below. Please note this plan is open to feedback (contact our VP for Events). Events, speakers and times are subject to change and will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Our next events:

‘Take your communication career to the next level’ 

22 February

The environment in which we operate as communicators is fast-paced and ever-changing and our stakeholders expect us to add an increasingly broad range of skills to our repertoire. Have you ever wondered how experts in our field handle these career challenges? To help you keep your edge we’ve hand-picked four leading Australian communicators who are ready to share their insights and answer your questions on some of the hottest topics affecting our industry.They’re also looking forward to hearing your stories of success and sharing best practice.

Our topics and leading communicators are:

‘How do you form relationships and influence a leadership team?’ – Jane Anderson – Executive General Manager Corporate Affairs at IAG

‘What do you need to build your career and go to the next level?’ – Vida Cheeseman – Head of Internal Communications at Ventia

‘How can you manage issues and crisis communication in your organisation?’ – Zoe Viellaris – Head of Public Affairs and Communications, RBS at Commonwealth Bank

‘How can you use data and analytics to improve your organisation’s reputation and influence your stakeholders?’ – Sally Fielke – General Manager Corporate Affairs at Sydney Airport.

If you missed this event, please read this blog hear capturing some key insights.


IABC NSW Member Drinks 

21 March, from 5.30pm, Barangaroo, Sydney

Please join us for an IABC NSW Member networking event.

‘Untied’ -400 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo.

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Fake News

April, Sydney  

Please join us for a panel style presentation focusing on the role of communicators/marketers in a post ‘fake news/alt news’ world and how this ‘new age’ has changed the social contract or relationship between organisations, the media, the public, and audiences.

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Breakfast Event with Angela Sinickas, CEO of Sinickas Communications, Inc.

2 May, Sydney  

Please join us for a Breakfast Event with special guest expert Angela Sinickas. Angela Sinickas, ABC, is CEO of Sinickas Communications, Inc., an international management consultancy focusing on communication effectiveness research and strategy. Angela is a management consultant to senior leaders on improving the business value of communication with employees and customers.

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Members-Only Drinks – following the Corporate Affairs Summit

22 May, Sydney  

Please join us for an exclusive members-only drinks event following the first day of the annual Corporate Affairs Summit.


IABC World Conference

3 – 6 June, Montréal, Canada 

Make sure to get your tickets to this unique, long-standing, global professional development event that typically draws up to 1,200 attendees from around the world.


‘What does the future Comms Team look like?’ 

July, Sydney

More detail to follow.


Take your Gold Quill to the next level 

August, Sydney

More detail to follow.


IABC Asia Pacific Regional Conference

September, Location to be determined. 

Make sure to get your tickets for the IABC Asia Pacific Regional Conference with a goal to inspire, create connections, foster best practices, and promote leadership in the communications profession.


University Event

October, Sydney

More detail to follow.


IABC NSW Annual Gala

November, Sydney

More detail to follow.


End of the year celebration, with special guest speaker

December, Sydney 

More detail to follow.