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A message from Kieran McCann | IABC NSW President:

I’m sure, like me, you’re in the midst of some deep crisis communicating, whilst supporting your organisation, family, friends and loved ones through these unprecedented times. 

It will come as no surprise that we’ve had to postpone a few forthcoming events (workplace from facebook and our crisis masterclass). As always, we have the safety and health of our attendees, volunteers, and families as our priority. 

As comms professionals, we’ve been doing it tough. In these past few years, more so than ever; we’ve battled through royal commissions, had to be resilient in times of the devastating bushfires and now need to keep a clear head as we adjust to the COVID-19 crisis and resulting uncertainty. 

Now, more than ever, we need to feel connected to the community so to help keep our sanity, we’re opening the #createconnection event again so that you can find your network; the power of IABC is in finding peers who are going through similar, if not the same issues, so you know you’re not alone through this. 

As the inevitable work ramps up, the unity in our community is there to support you. The member-only global hub is also a great place where people across the world are coming together to share resources, approaches and connections.  

Our recent workshop speaker, Clare Robinson, has kindly reframed her article so you can turbo charge your wellbeing routine. This article, off the back of a past workshop, about mental resilience seems very timely too. 

Please be assured that we’re working with our future speakers around options and opportunities for web-based events and we will be announcing our first one shortly.

In the meantime, can I also direct your interest towards the following IABC collated resources that might help support your organisation.

Stay safe and stay connected – please reach out to your buddy or myself if there is anything we can support you through. I used to say that IABC to me (International Association of Business Communicators) meant It’s About Better Communication – now more than ever I think It’s About Better Connections. 

Kind Regards 

Kieran (in capacity of IABC NSW president on behalf of the IABC NSW board)  

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